Vipin M Shah

Vishal Pharmaceutical Laboratories is a brain child of its founder Shri Vipin M Shah. Born in the year 1939 , pharmacy graduate from L M College of Pharmacy Ahmadabad, started manufacturing unit in 1978 with tablet and capsules forms. Under guidance of Vipin M Shah, Vishal Pharmaceutical Laboratories has grown from lacs to crores in a small span of 12 years. He revolutionized the whole Indian Pharmaceutical market and inspired others to follow the trend of “providing unique and patients’ friendly medicine”.

He is one of the most distinguished business leaders for his business acumen and has entrepreneurial spirit. His analytical mind and risk taking attitude are reason of his success. His simplicity, courage, presence and fortitude have been the sources of inspiration for the common masses as well as for number of budding enterprises.

He is a living legend and an epitome of the fact that honesty, transparency is not at variance with business acumen. He also shared his life experiences to motivate youths to come ahead and take up new challenges and responsibilities.



Himanshu Shah

Born in 1963, highly ambitious, Himanshu Shah is a 1st generation entrepreneur. He is a science graduate with additional qualification of Ayurved Ratna, & had a wide experience of around 25 years in pharma industry. He is an icon in himself & the driving force behind the goal achievements of the organization. He has his own business theories which distinguishes & makes him marketing baron. His understanding about the nitty gritties of marketing gives a competitive edge of the company.

Because of his visionary power, leading qualities, dashing personality and social activities, justifying ability, honesty he is holding responsible posts in many social groups and Associations of Pharma Industry.

He highly advocates team spirit & nurtures the human assets of the organization. He is taking care of Finance, Administration and institutional sales. His spirit of working tirelessly made him the most respected & admired entrepreneur.



Rajesh Shah

Rajesh Shah is a real life example of a young & dynamic leader. Born in 1970 has educational qualification as B.Sc. MBA (Marketing) from D.A.V.V. Indore. Beside he is holding Diploma in Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public Relation from D A V V Indore. He started his career with Anzalp Pharmaceuticals P Ltd as a Medical Representative in 1988. Since 1991 he is looking after sales and Marketing of the company. His hobby of developing unique products for specialty indications gives new strength and energy to company. His belief in "Aiming high feet firmly on the ground" is an inspiration in itself for the young generation. His marketing strategies & practices highly advocate his belief.

His commendable hard work & innovative marketing practices, perseverance have made Company to climb the ladder of success. He has a foresight to see the untapped potential of business.

Because of his innovative and analytical mind, he is organizing many social events and holding key position in many social associations