Water Technologies : Bacteriological Field Test KIT

Bacteriological Field Waster Test Kits suitable for detection of H2 S Producing organism in drinking water which are present along with coliforms.

Our bacteriological field water test kits will fetched tremendous response from all over the country. Manufacturing of these kits under stringent quality control in our highly equipped manufacturing units and possess the necessary expertise to manufacture these kits in large numbers in shortest delivery periods.

Such type of kits have been empaneled by Govt. of India, Dept. of Drinking Water. Our kits have been developed keeping in mind the requirement of the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India and Department of Drinking Water.

The bacteriological test kit comprises a sterilized vial containing paper pregnated in appropriate paper ready for use to test microbiological quality of water. These kits are based on the principal of visual color especially developed for simple field operation and can be used by any one. The kits are simple reliable, accurate and cost effective for detecting harmful bacteria on drinking water.

For Detection of Harmful Bacteria in Drinking Water


Feature of the KIT

Manufactured under stringent quality control.
Reliable, Accurate & Cost Effective.
Can be used in the field in Semi-urban and rural areas.
No dependence on sophisticated instruments or electricity.
No formal training is required. Any one can use this kit.
Individually packed for use and disposal.


Sterilized field test kit vial containing paper Impregnated in appropriate medium.
Available in box packing of 10 and 25 vials.