Nucleus of Nutrition

We are the Pioneers of L Glutamine Therapy in India since 1995

  Glutameal preserves hepatic glutathione and prevents protein inadequacy.

  Glutameal is labeled as "conditionally essential" nutrient.

  Glutameal prevents Muscle Catabolism and promotes Muscles Metabolism.

  Glutameal uniformly increases the number of cells and hence uniform weight gain.

  Glutameal increases respiratory quotient and hence more oxygen to muscles.

Dose : For muscle builder: Glutameal 1 Sachet Twice a day with 100m1 of Milk or Fruit Juice To obtain and maintain desired muscle building Glutameal Sachet should be taken regularly)

Availability : Glutameal Fe Jar of 200g, Glutameal Sachet 6 sachets of 35g each.




Argimeal / Argicap
Nucleus of Nutrition

We are the Pioneers of L Arginine Therapy in India since 1995

  Argimeal is unique blend of L Arginine with L Lysine.

  Argicap /Argimeal increases Growth Hormone Secretion by 701%.

  Argimeal / Argicap increases secretion of IGF1 by 300%

  Argicap / Argimeal increases secretion of insulin by 275%

Dose : For Physical / Mental Challenge Growth Patients Argicap 1 Capsule BD OR Argimeal Sachet ODOR Argimeal Jar :2 TOE BD